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Peace of Mind Child Safety Tips from a Mother's Point of View

Free Child Safety Tips & Checklists, News and Current Recalls.

Do you remember the first time you brought home your bundle of joy? Their soft skin, their cute little toes and fingers; Oh how precious!

Do you remember the first time your little one looked into your eyes?

It seems like only yesterday when I took my oldest home from the hospital. My son, who is now 5½ years old, looked at me with puzzlement. His face looked like he was thinking, "Are you the one who is going to take care of me?" When I bought my daughter home (she is now 4), she looked safe and sound and looked like she had no worries at all... Snug as a Bug in a Rug!!!

I have 2 kids, and to this day, I want to protect them and keep them safe. Something as innocent as a child has to be kept safe. I thought about bubble wrapping them, but I knew that was not realistic. Therefore I researched and prepared before each of them came home. Heck, I am still using child safety tips now because keeping them safe is an ongoing task.

Little-Safe-One.com is BORN!

Little-Safe-One.com is an online resource center that gives safety tips from a mother's perspective. Little-Safe-One.com is a great resource for first-time moms, newbie dads, and all who is safety addicted.

Little-Safe-One.com will provide you with:

  • Ways of eliminating the potential dangers from your little one.

  • The important topics for your little one's safe keeping.

  • Important child safety checklists.

  • Easy to understand guides that allows your little one to safely explore and you to keep your sanity.

  • And ME! I will help you interpret what the professionals are saying about keeping your precious little one safe.

So whether you call it newborn safety, infant safety, or child safety, feel free to explore ALL THE PAGES within this website, and if you have some safety tips or stories of your own, please feel free to let me know.


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Booster Car Seat Tips
Here are some TIPS to select the perfect booster car seat for you and your child!

Car Seat Safety for Your Little One.
Car seat safety is an important part of parenting. Get free tips about car seat safety for babies and toddlers.

The Best Baby Stroller.
The best baby stroller is one that is best suited for you and your little one’s lifestyle. Click here for more info.

The best baby carrier is a safe one.
Selecting the best baby carrier for you and your little one.

Childproofing Your Home
Childproofing your home gives you peace of mind while your little one is exploring around the house. Here are some tips for keeping your home safe.

Family Safety
Family safety gives you peace of mind. Here are some valuable tips for keeping everyone safe in your home.

Infant Safety
Here are some infant safety tips to prepare for your new bundle of joy’s arrival.

The High Chair Safety Guide
High Chair Safety: Not all high chairs are created equal. Here are some things to look for when buying a safe high chair.

Water Safety for Kids
Water safety for kids is more than being safe around the pool. There are also the tub, boats, lakes and ponds, the beach, and water parks to consider.

Fire Safety For Kids
Fire safety for kids is a very important part of parenting. Click here for fire safety tips for you and your little ones.

Baby Food Safety
Baby Food Safety-Learn the ins and outs of keeping your baby's tummy illness free.

Fire Escape Ladder Fundamentals.
What is the best fire escape ladder for my family? Here are some things to consider when picking out a fire escape ladder.

Nursery Room Safety
Nursery room decorating should start with nursery room safety. Discover the best way to protect your little one in his bedroom.

Window Safety for Little Ones
Window Safety for Little Ones

Baby First Aid Essentials
Attention Mommies: Become familiar with the essentials to baby first aid for your little one's mishaps.

Most cuts and scrapes can be treated at home.
Treating cuts and scrapes are VERY EASY! Discover how Dr. Moms treat cuts and scrapes.

Nose Bleed: How To Handle Your Little One's First Nose Bleed
Did your little one get their first nose bleed? Discover the best way to stop a nose bleed.

Make a Homemade Ice Pack
How to Make a Homemade Ice Pack

Toy Safety: You'll shoot your eye out kid!
Here are important toy safety tips to keep your little one safe while he is playing.

Lead in toys are not safe for little ones!
Lead in toys is a constant issue. Learn how to safeguard your little one.

The Latest Baby Recalls
All the latest baby recalls and product safety news, which can affect you and your little one. Click here for more info.

Kid Websites and Resources
Looking through kid websites for parental information, is like finding a needle in a haystack. Here is a list of great resources!

Newspaper Headlines Affecting Our Children
Here are the latest newspaper headlines that are affecting our children.

The "Kids Safety and Peace of Mind" area.
The "Kids Safety and Peace of Mind" area is a place on my site that discusses safety topics that pertain to older kiddies.

Holiday Safety Tips
Here are holiday safety tips to keep your little ones safe.

Wide World of Women
Check out the wide world of women impacting lives and creating positive names for themselves.

Site Map
Site map for Little-Safe-One.com

Alabama Laws for Car Seats
For the Alabama laws for little ones that are riding in a car in the state of Alabama, click here

Alaska Laws for Car Seats
Alaska laws for car seats - Do you know them? If not, click here to read them.

Milk Substitutes Page
Here are tasty milk substitutes if you have a milk allergy.

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Childproofing Your Home from Little-Safe-One.com

Poison Checklist at Little-Safe-One.com

Find out if your little one's toy was recalled at Little-Safe-One.com